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Search Engine Optimisation

Our Melbourne based SEO company has been promoting business websites higher on Google and other search engines since the early days of SEO. From start ups to household names in all types of industries. We have ridden the highs and lows of the internet marketing industry and this experience of both achieving top rankings and reporting on results, helps us provide an easy to understand search engine optimisation service that is designed to help grow almost any small to medium sized businesses.

If you want to work with a creative search engine optimisation company that enjoys achieving great results just as much as our clients do, contact us today. Our strategy is simple, we make our clients websites better! Better for visitors, better for conversions and better for search engines.

Marketing for The Big G (aka Google) is more diverse than just adding in a few keywords (i still don’t know what that means) and doing link building. We look at our clients websites ‘now’, ask ‘where they want to be’ by a certain timeframe, and do our best to help them achieve that. SEO should be about making your website better for both Google, and your visitors.

Experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same. When new clients contact us, we talk about what they want to achieve, their past advertising experiences and the evolution of their website. Not everyone needs a long term monthly optimisation service, so we have flexible options to suit most needs. It is also possible to choose specific services such as SEO copywriting, blog integration or search engine friendly website structure planning if you are making a new site and want a second opinion. We don’t build websites from scratch ourselves.

Our staff can also help set up professional Google + accounts and other social profiles for our clients, that can also help with search engine rankings. We also manage all types of ecommerce and local service industry Adwords accounts.

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Everyone you speak to at Rank First understands the website optimisation process we use, and have an active interest in the success of each project they are involved with. Clients work with a dedicated account manager, and will always speak to the same person.  All of us work together as a team to achieve the best outcomes. You can ask us anything about SEO and we are happy to explain our logic behind the choices we make. At the end of the day, Google determines the results you see on Google, not SEO companies. Our job is to use our experience and skills to predict what Google will prefer to see in the future and implement that in a professional way for our clients.

At Rank First we do not believe in locking clients into long term, inflexible search engine optimisation contracts. Goals should be able to change so they always suit client needs, and evolve when necessary. You can always change keywords, add categories or services and we will continue to strive to get the best result we can for your business. These days to rank well on Google, it is almost all about the quality of your website. Making it better, faster, more engaging, and most importantly, clear in Google eyes what you want to be found for. There are no shortcuts and it is only quality that counts.

We have clients with top rankings in some of the most competitive industries on the internet. But even more satisfying for us, is that we have been there to help hundreds of small to medium business clients grow and make more money due to the work we have done for them. We would love to do that for you to. Contact us today for the most creative search engine optimisation Melbourne has to offer.

Why Choose Our SEO Company

  • Solely Dedicated To Search Engine Marketing
  • Experienced, Passionate Client Management
  • Flexible Package Options To Suit You
  • All Work Completed In Fitzroy Office
  • Clear Reporting Including Traffic Stats

What Clients Say

Colin – “I have worked with Rank First for many years and they helped me grow my business. Troy is always available for advice and they always have ideas about what to do next to keep in front of my competitors”
Colin, Loansaver
Jeff – “Rank First helped me turn my start up website into a successful retail arm for my business. They always tell me what they are going to do with my site and follow up to show me new ideas and have a genuine interest in my business.”
Jeff, Coffee Retailer
James– “After using Rank First for some time and getting good results, I was talked into trying a different service. The rankings and reporting just weren’t as good so I came back.”  
James, Solar Industry
Jason – “Rank First got us great rankings, and then Penguin came along and we dropped. I tried another company for a while, but returned to Rank First when they said they had changed their strategy and were able to help me again.”
Jason, Garden Designer