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Problems With Google Results

We have had many clients over the year ask us how to get a listing or a bad review removed from Google. The short answer is that it is hard. Unless you have access to a website, or a profile, it is impossible to remove a page from a website, which is often the only way to get it removed by Google.

At the moment for example, we have a client selling a house in Greensborough. They bought it when it was run down five years ago, put in loads of hard work to make it nice, but are now moving on. When you search “4 Tallaroon Court” now, the old listing shows on Google, including the old price. They are worried that this might make some buyers baulk at the price they are asking now.

It is not possible to have the page that ranks above the current listing removed from so they contacted the agent who sold it and asked them if they could get it down by removing it from their archive. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

The same goes for reviews. A bad Google+ / True Local / Womo or other negative online review can have a tough impact on a business. Personally I think it isn’t fair for business owners. They often don’t have a chance to defend their case or even be protected by fake bad reviews from dodgy competitors or mistaken identity.

Google won’t help. There’s no one to talk to about it. It’s not their problem. The best thing to do often is just work hard on getting good reviews I guess.

if you want a human level, you have to contact the owner of the site or someone who works […]

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How To Get More Google+ Reviews

Get More Google Reviews
Smart business owners have become aware that getting good reviews on Google+ is a good thing, if they are good reviews that is. The benefits are twofold. Firstly it becomes more likely that your Google+ account will rank higher on Google if you have lots of good reviews, and secondly, people are more likely to make an enquiry if you have good reviews too.

So how do you get more reviews? A lot of business owners these days have two strategies to help get positive Google reviews. One is through a printed handout, maybe as part of their invoicing procedure, and the other is by emailing the instructions of how people can leave feedback through and email. This email can also be part of the invoicing procedure, or just a thank you email to satisfied clients, where they can ask for referrals and Google review.

One place to generate a free Google+ review request form is from Whitespark. It is easy to do and they don’t spam you after you make one.

We have had clients in the past that have offered a discount on the next appointment or purchase if their clients left a positive review, but I am not sure how this affects Karma for example. J I guess that is fine. It is also possible to get fake reviews…. I don’t know about that. Google make a fair bit of money right? And try to hire pretty clever people. If you think you have a good idea about how to trick Google, they’ve probably thought of that before and it will only take time before they notice something fabricated.

As people who spend too much time on search engines, we think having a […]

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What are Google Shopping Ads ?

How To Create Google Shopping Ads
Google Shopping ads or these days known as Product Listing Ads is Google’s paid shopping ad program where merchants can upload a product feed into a Google Merchant center and show their product image ads to potential buyers. For an instance if you search for “sennheiser headphones”  in Google, just to pick a random product, the ads with images on the right hand side that you see below are these google shopping ads. Product Listing Ad accounts can be set up within an existing AdWords account or in a new account if necessary.

How can google shopping ads help you ?
Google shopping can give you a competitive advantage by getting you more real estate on the first page of Google. this usually translates into a higher click through rate to your site directly to product pages. This can be a good way to be get your site on the first page of Google for the specific products you most want to sell. If you are price competitive, all the better as conversions can be quite high from a good Product Listing campaign.

At Rank First, we have few clients who are in competitive eCommerce industries and they usually get quite a good ROI using these product listing ads. The cost per click is not so high, and the conversion rate is good, because visitors already know the price. We offer this as part of more dedicated SEO strategies.
How to Setup Google Shopping ?
One of the negatives of Google Shopping ads is that you need to have an effective datafeed that creates a spreadsheet Google can understand and use to update their system automatically. If you need a step by step guide on […]

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Where To Learn SEO?

I find the search engine optimisation industry very interesting. It is crazy. There is nowhere you can go and do a real SEO course. There are no regulations. There are no honest comparison websites for SEO providers.

Many of our clients would like to learn SEO for themselves and ask us about it a lot. While we are happy to teach people the basics, at the end of the day there is only one way to learn how to do SEO, and that is experience. And to be good at it, you need experience with a lot of different websites.

Every website has it’s own challenges when it comes to the work we do. Some of them are hard to edit, some of them are brand new, some of them have a poor SEO legacy such as black hat link building. Like the businesses who own them, they are all different.

So if you want to learn SEO, you have two choices. The first is to make an SEO company of your own. Then you need to get clients some how and learn how to make their websites rank well. The second option is to work for an existing SEO company in a hands on role.

I have taught at SEO workshops for government organisations, lectured at short university courses and run workshops for CAE. But this type of training definitely does not teach the skills required to take someones website, and help them make money from it.

If you have a small business and want to try and get in there and optimise it, then sure, there are basic principles that are best practice. You can find these in books or your can read on various SEO forums. But […]

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Where’s The Best Place To Host My Website?

Web Hosting Advice
Hosting your website is important for many reasons. Your hosting is a bit like the ground your website is built on. A big computer somewhere that your website actually sits on, and where people who visit your site are directed to see it.

If things go well, you don’t really need any service from your hosting company, but if things go sour, like if your site gets hacked, your email stops working or your site goes down for some reason, it is your hosting company who are often there to save the day. Or fix their own mistake.

Where should I host my website?

We refer people who ask us about hosting to a company called Panthur Web Hosting. One of the guys who works here had used them in the past, and thought they were good so we tried them out and have always been happy with their service and the speed of our sites. So are the clients we have referred to them.

You can get cheap hosting in America from the big guys like Host Gator or Go Daddy for cheap. If all you want is cheap that is fine. But do you know the saying about cheap, fast and good. Well you can only pick three. These big companies are generally not so fast in our experience. But heaps of people host with them.

Micron 21 is another Australian hosting company that are used by a lot of Australian websites. Many web developers are resellers for them, so you might have a site hosted there whether you know it or not.

You can pay anything for hosting from five bucks per month upwards, but for a standard business website, with no shopping cart, you shouldn’t […]

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Where To Check Backlinks To My Website

In our opinion checking backlinks is not as important as it has been in years gone by. Links used to have a much bigger bearing on your rankings than it does at the moment. To be honest, it used to be the biggest ranking factor until that fun day, in I think April a few years ago when, kaboom (great Atari game) things changed.
Where To Check My Backlinks
The main reason people check their backlinks now is to make sure their website is not generating a poor link profile, or bad links from link farming websites. My favourite place to do this is at I am not saying it is better than anywhere else, but I am used to that site and it is pretty reliable. It also has a recent and historic view, that shows you fresher links or all of them.

Just to be clear, this post is about where to find links pointing to your website, not broken links on your site. That post is here.

Another good site for this is SEO Profiler. This site tries to rank links based on how relevant or effective they are. Now, people get caught up in believing this sort of data as being gospel, and I don’t like that, but to get ballpark estimates on link quality it is fine.

The main backlinks people go for these days are clean. These are links from real websites that have a purpose other than being there to sell links. These might include citation directories, such as Yellow Pages or True Local to name drop a few famous ones, but there are lots more. Real blogs are another source of good quality relevant links, but it takes skill and lots […]

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How to add security to my wordpress website

WordPress is a highly popular platform to build websites. We see a majority of our clients use WordPress websites. With this increased popularity of wordpress it has become a popular hacker target. Now you may wonder why someone want to hack your website. There could be a multiple reasons but what stands out is that hackers use hacked web servers to send spam email, also they use hacked websites for blackhat seo tactics like link building etc.

We have listed few steps to secure your website but it is very important you take a back up of your site before proceeding. Because if your site uses a custom WordPress theme it could mean that upgrading WordPress version may break your site. We use a plugin called Duplicator to backup sites and if something were to go wrong we can always roll back to a working version and troubleshoot from there. With that in mind,
What can I do to secure my WordPress website.

Backup your website first!
Change the default username “Admin” to something not so obvious to guess. This is something that many developers do as a standard practice because a hacker will always try this username first.

To do this you may need to create a user with a different name and give administrative access, login as the newly created user and remove “Admin”user to make this change

Upgrade your site to the latest WordPress version

WordPress releases software updates quiet often which fix security issues and improves site stability

Update WordPress plugins on your website

Hackers can use plugins with weak security measures to gain access to your site. Developers who create these plugins will patch security flows releasing upgrades. So unless you update the plugin your site will become vulnerable […]

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Where To Get Blog Post Ideas

While running a blog might sound like a bit of a drag for some people, there is no doubting that you will get more traffic to your website if you have one that you update on even a weekly basis.

The benefits of a blog are many, here are some of them

You get to act like an authority in your industry
It shows Google your website is alive and active
You can link from your blog to other websites that are useful to visitors
Demonstrate your business culture
Discuss the latest topics
Get found on Google for more keywords
Good place to answer FAQ’s in more depth

One problem some business owners have is coming up with topics to write about. So here are some ideas about what you can write about and where to find possible topics.
Where do I come up with blog post topics?

As mentioned above, blog about frequently asked questions. To do this, you can pose the questions you often receive, and then write about the answer with an explanation. This is useful for clients, and is a good way to pick up targeted traffic.
Search for the keywords you like to be found on Google for, and then click on the ‘news’ tab. This can reveal current topics that are making news style websites, and you can write about them too. If they are more specific to foreign countries, you can always apply them in a ‘what if’ way to Australia. (or wherever you are reading from)
This is an old classic isn’t it…… Look at your competitors’ blogs and write about the same things.
Post about the things that make you different in your industry. You can do this in a problem based way to. Like we could post about how […]

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How To Create a Google + Account

In recent times having a professional Google+ account has become more and more important. Lots of our clients ask us to set their Google + account up for them or make it more attractive to visitors and Google too. From the point of view of me, someone who spends too much time on the internet and Google in particular, the main benefit to most businesses is that you can get found more prominently for local Google searches if your Google+ account is good.

If you don’t have one, or don’t know where yours is, the best thing to do is go to Google and search, ‘google my business’. If you click from there, even from Adwords (they don’t have to pay themselves), you will go to a search page. This is also a link to the ‘google my business’ page. Here you can look for either your business name or address and you will be given suggestions of the existing Google+ accounts that may be yours. From there, you can follow the instructions to claim one, or alternatively, create your own.
Benefits Of Google +

Firstly as mentioned above, a good Google+ account helps you get found higher on Google, especially for local searches.
It is a great place to encourage happy clients to leave a review.
Many people ask us about how social media marketing can help their Google rankings. If any of those platforms does, it makes sense that it is Google’s own.
You can provide a quick snapshot of your business, including contact details, services offered and opening hours. I wanted to pick up some baklava from A1 bakery in Sydney Road the other night. I Google’d them, looked at their Google+ page and saw they were already closed. […]

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Where Can I Find Broken Links On My Website

A broken link on your website is like a chipped coffee cup. The coffee can be great, but you looking at it thinking, why didn’t they give me a cup without a chip in it? So maybe that is what Google thinks about your site with broken links.

Finding out if you have broken links is easy. You can just search for something like ‘broken link checker’ on Google, or Bing or any other search engine.

We have auditor software that does that for us but back in the day when we didn’t have that, we would normally use

It is simple to use. You just go there and enter your website and it scans it for you and lists any broken link, what page it is on and what the anchor text is. Then you can hurry off and fix it :)

We also provide SEO Audits for clients that want to see how their website may be able to be improved from a Google point of view, including broken links that could be fixed, meta data issues, heading improvement possibilities, duplicate content scan, site navigation problems and more.

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