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There are the four basic steps we take when we have a new client for our SEO service.

Get The Picture

First we need to know what a client wants to achieve and what their budget is.

Make A Plan

Once we have their goals, we work out what we can do to help achieve them

Get The Job Done

This quickly turns into action as we implement our plan.

Measure Results

Then we can measure the results and plan again to improve them


How SEO Works – at the moment!

The main focus of our ongoing monthly SEO service is about making your website better. Google likes to see a well structured website with well written content. It likes websites that are easy to navigate, and worth the visitors time, preferably with fresh or up to date information. Google also likes to be able to easily establish what every page of a website is about, so that is what our SEO company does, helps Google understand and believe in the quality of our clients websites

Every website is different. This means that the goals of our clients and the work we need to do for them is different too, so that means every SEO strategy is different. Sure we are doing the same old things to make website ‘a’ and website ‘b’ rank well on Google, but no two sites or projects are the same. Their structure is different. Their content is different. The system that they are built with is different. That is why we don’t have packages at the moment and work for our clients based on their budget, not ours.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Creative Content Writing
  • Target Page Creation
  • Quality Only Link Building
  • Easy To Understand Reporting
  • Persoalised Service

At the beginning of every project we work with our clients to establish the best list of keywords our SEO service will target. We create an initial report that clearly outlines the rankings for these phrases when we begin, and this is automatically updated on an almost daily basis. Clients can access their ranking report online, any time. As the project evolves, new phrases may be added or changed at any time, to try and maximise the benefits for our clients.

Our website traffic reporting is generated by software we use, that pulls data from any Google Analytics account. We can then summarise the important points that indicate if the website is performing well and the achievements that have been made each month.

Our clients pay monthly through our direct debit system (run by Westpac) by either bank transfer or credit card. They can decide at the beginning of each period if they are getting value and whether they want to continue with our service. There is no long term inflexible lock in contract. We also provide as much information about what we do according to each clients preference.

So contact us today and work with the most creative SEO Melbourne has to offer.

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