Get More Google Reviews

Smart business owners have become aware that getting good reviews on Google+ is a good thing, if they are good reviews that is. The benefits are twofold. Firstly it becomes more likely that your Google+ account will rank higher on Google if you have lots of good reviews, and secondly, people are more likely to make an enquiry if you have good reviews too.

So how do you get more reviews? A lot of business owners these days have two strategies to help get positive Google reviews. One is through a printed handout, maybe as part of their invoicing procedure, and the other is by emailing the instructions of how people can leave feedback through and email. This email can also be part of the invoicing procedure, or just a thank you email to satisfied clients, where they can ask for referrals and Google review.

One place to generate a free Google+ review request form is from Whitespark. It is easy to do and they don’t spam you after you make one.

We have had clients in the past that have offered a discount on the next appointment or purchase if their clients left a positive review, but I am not sure how this affects Karma for example. J I guess that is fine. It is also possible to get fake reviews…. I don’t know about that. Google make a fair bit of money right? And try to hire pretty clever people. If you think you have a good idea about how to trick Google, they’ve probably thought of that before and it will only take time before they notice something fabricated.

As people who spend too much time on search engines, we think having a good Google+ result is important, and having more reviews can help with conversions and improve the prominence of your listing.