We hope this page can become a useful resource for you and anyone else who likes to do things themselves online. The page is going to grow, so if it looks small now, then check back in time and hopefully there is more helpful shortcuts about how to do certain things related to Google and SEO for you.

How To Create a Google Analytics account?

For businesses owners tracking the visitors to your site, how many, where they come from, who converts and that sort of data is the way to measure the success of your marketing efforts. Google Analytics is the easiest way to do this and here are the instructions how to set up your Google Analytics account.

How To Create A Google + Account?

If you want to be found higher for local searches on Google, the creating a good Google + account can help shortcut your way to the top, or give you an extra opportunity to increase your click through rate from search response pages. Click the link above to do to our post about setting up your Google + account well.

How to generate an XML sitemap?

Not sure why we started with this one, but it is something we do a lot and lots of people ask us the easiest way to do it. So if you want to generate an XML sitemap online the easy way, click to our post.

How To Improve My WordPress Website Security?

Okay so we know WordPress is great and that it is easy to use for everyone. Fantastic. But… because it is also so popular, and has so many third party plug in etc, it is also a hackers paradise. If you want to improve the security on your WordPress website, here are some tips.

How To Set Up Google Shopping or Google Product Listing Ads?

You know when you search for a product on Google and there are those pictures of a product with a store name and price below? How do people set that up? … Google calls them Product Listing Ads and they can be made as part of a Google AdWords account. Click the link get some more info, and find out how to set up your own Product Listing Ads.

How To Get more Google Reviews

Lots of people ask us if we know how to get more Google reviews for their Google+ accounts. Here we explain some of the benefits and where to get a free branded download you can give to clients.