After many years of neglecting our own websites while we have been focusing on everyone else’s, finally we have a new Rank 1st website up and running. It is also a chance for people in the Australian SEO industry to find out who the blue man in our logo really is after all this time of anonymity.

I guess we have been somewhat like barbers in some ways (best to go to the barber with the worst hair in the street, as they don’t cut their own), or a mechanic. Too busy fixing clients cars to get our own car finished. I also have a gardener friend who moved to a new house and first thing cut all the big trees down so he didn’t have to rake the leaves :).

But here we are. Something on paper. We have expanded the services that we offer, as SEO has changed so much since we last made a website for ourselves. Clients have changed too. Hands up who has been penalised by Google? I have both mine up straight and high, to the ceiling if I could reach.

At the moment we of course still run our successful monthly SEO services, and this is where people get the big long term results, but now we have niched down to more specific services too. I will list them here.

1. SEO Copy Writing – To be honest, we love writing content for our clients here. It is a chance to be creative, to get a message across and to help businesses get their point of difference across, while also being appealing to Google and other search engines. Weaving words so that a reader is not going, ‘that doesn’t even make sense, they are just repeating the same things.’ Our SEO copy writing will avoid those problems while helping your site rank, well, 1st we hope.

2. Website Audits / SEO Site Planning – We are so tired of working on websites that have not be planned well from a search engine perspective. It makes our job harder and limits the above mentioned creativity we can show. But most of all it limits the result business owners can achieve through their websites. Some sensible SEO site planning, or a new website audit can save a lot of money re-editing in the future and a lot of Panadol too, or Hedanol for Aldi shoppers.

3. WordPress Blog Integration – Having a good blog on your website, like this should turn out to be now i have my mojo on, helps you no end with SEO efforts, and just getting more targeted visitors to your site. It also gets your culture across. For example, Rank 1st is a confident, friendly, experienced SEO company that you can come to for great results. We aren’t an SEO factory line full of boring. That might not be what everyone is looking for, but we probably wouldn’t get along well with people who only trust someone in a suit and tie. So this blog would probably turn them away. I think they are just chicken… come on, contact us about your website :)

4. Adwords Management – Okay, we did that before and have a lot of experience helping business owners get better results from their Adwords spend.

5. Social Search Optimisation SSO – Okay, you heard it here first. SSO. Here we not only provide regular search engine optimisation, we also create social profiles such as Google +, Twitter, Link’d In, Facebook etc and either create or teach how to create content to make them active and engaging. Make video, take photos, tell your story. And use all that effort to get more search engine visitors.