We have had many clients over the year ask us how to get a listing or a bad review removed from Google. The short answer is that it is hard. Unless you have access to a website, or a profile, it is impossible to remove a page from a website, which is often the only way to get it removed by Google.

At the moment for example, we have a client selling a house in Greensborough. They bought it when it was run down five years ago, put in loads of hard work to make it nice, but are now moving on. When you search “4 Tallaroon Court” now, the old listing shows on Google, including the old price. They are worried that this might make some buyers baulk at the price they are asking now.

It is not possible to have the page that ranks above the current listing removed from www.realestate.com.au so they contacted the agent who sold it and asked them if they could get it down by removing it from their archive. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

The same goes for reviews. A bad Google+ / True Local / Womo or other negative online review can have a tough impact on a business. Personally I think it isn’t fair for business owners. They often don’t have a chance to defend their case or even be protected by fake bad reviews from dodgy competitors or mistaken identity.

Google won’t help. There’s no one to talk to about it. It’s not their problem. The best thing to do often is just work hard on getting good reviews I guess.

if you want a human level, you have to contact the owner of the site or someone who works there, explain your case and maybe catch them in the right mood to help.