How To Write Well For Google and Your Visitors

Let’s be honest, we do a lot of copy writing these days. It has become more important for ranking well on Google than ever and so we spend a lot more time doing it. But that is cool. Copy writing lets us be a bit creative and we can use our marketing skills too.

There are really three types of copy writing we do for clients. There is the content on their websites, content for blogs and content for meta descriptions. All are important.

Many clients ask us if they can help the SEO process by writing more pages and this is often the case. But my first tip is not to write content just for the sake of having more pages. It has to have some benefit for a visitor, otherwise they will just think your website is a bit weird and leave. We have more trouble than ever trying to rank websites with poor content that business owners have had written on the cheap to try and boost rankings. It is also not a great idea to have lots of pages that are essentially about the same thing or targeting the same keywords. To me, this is just confusing for Google, which page should they choose?

I always advise clients to write like they are speaking to a client. In most cases, it does not have to be perfect. You would be surprised how little percentage of content is read all the way through, and people often prefer easy to read content over grammatically awesome text.

We try to avoid keyword stuffing too. If a visitor is reading your text and thinking, why are they saying that same thing all the time, especially if it is a bit unusual with a city name attached, then guess what the smartest people in the world at Google will think!

Keep your meta descriptions to the point. Tell the viewer why they should click through to your site.

If you are not sure about writing, or just don’t like it, give us a call and we will be either able to help you out or recommend someone who can.