SEO Copywriting

There is one age old saying in the SEO industry, and that is, ‘Content Is King’. Our SEO copywriting service has helped make a lot of kings and queens websites rank very well on Google, while also converting visitors into conversions at a higher rate.

Over the past six years we have written quality content for clients websites of all sizes, from globally recognised brands all the way through to my brothers website about treadmill desks. As this part of the process has become more important, we have more SEO copywriters working for us, so can get your content written quickly. There will be two writers working on all writing tasks. One to write the original work and another to proof it, ensuring you only get quality.

For your website to rank at or near the top of most Google search pages for the keywords you want to be found for, you need to have those keywords or keyphrases in your content. This is one way that Google knows what a page is about. However, your content should also read well for a human visitor that is interested in your service. It will also rank higher if it is well coded and the keywords are in the more appropriate places.

Our SEO Copywriting service can include writing the SEO title tags, meta descriptions and coding the heading tags throughout your pages. These also must be present and well structured to rank well in competitive industries. We can also provide assistance when planning your site from a page flow point of view, and create target pages on your site that can be used to rank for your main keyphrases.

Our staff can write SEO friendly website content for new websites, update content on older sites or also create ongoing blog content for most types of businesses. Having an up to date, active blog is an excellent way to promote the culture of your business, reach a wider audience and show Google your website is active and fresh.

So contact us if you require well written text on your website that will be appreciated by both search engines and your visitors alike. Our SEO copywriters will get the job done well and on time.