The Website And SEO Consulting Services We Offer

At Rank First we have had the benefit of working with many small and medium (and some very large) businesses in the past six years. This has given us an amazing insight into how different people make a success of their web presence. Our access to so much on the job knowledge can not be taught in a class room, and we can pass this valuable experience on to our clients.

While we are primarily an SEO company, we can offer that and the other excellent services listed below.

Monthly SEO Service

As our core business, you can be sure the the SEO services we provide are second to none. People often ask what is the difference between SEO companies and all the different prices they charge. For me, their are three big differences, their experience, not only at SEO but also in understanding what it is like to run a business, secondly commitment, and last but not least, creativity.

Creativity might sound unusual in such an analytical and structured procedure, but creativity in copy writing, target page creation, being able to see opportunities for traffic gains and a creative approach to quality off page (link building) tactics is what makes a real SEO company good at what they do.

SEO Website Structure Plans

If you plan a new website to be effectively found on Google from the start, it makes the future of your life in SEO so much easier. Like building a house, it is much easier to build it right at the start, then make some good bits, but then have to rip other parts down and build them again, or live in a house that is not really how you want it. This is where our SEO site structure service is gold.

We can provide you with a professional sitemap, that you can add content already coded how Google likes, that you can give to your web designer to build your website from. It will save you headaches, maximise your keyword targeting and your web designer will love it too.

SEO Copywriting

A huge part of the work we have done over the past many years is copywriting, SEO copywriting to be precise. The goal with our writing service is to make it clear to Google what you would like to be found for in a organic or natural way. Your content just as importantly has to be appealing to your visitors. Marrying these two goals is one of the things we are very good at.

The structure of the content on your site is also important and we include the coding to help you rank well for specific terms and wider terms searched for by your potential clients too. We are fast, and confident our SEO copywriting service will make ranking on Google easier for you and your website.

Website Audit

Is your website any good? Really? How do you know and how do you measure that?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced but independent evaluation of your site that can help you increase conversions, help you appeal to a wider market and improve the engagement with your visitors. That is what our website audit or SEO audit can offer you.

If you are making a new website, we can also help you plan it’s structure and help you to avoid costly mistakes in its set up, as well as providing the best SEO platform for when the site is launched.

Google Adwords Management

Anyone can set up a Google Adwords account or manage it on a periodic basis. But let’s stop to think for a second. Google are making up there with the most money in the world right, and they pretty much make all their money from Adwords. So it must be a competitive market space.

Having a Google Adwords account setup professionally will get you more targeted click for less money. It will let you track the sales or leads generated so you can accurately measure results. Sure you can make it up as you go, get one of your staff to have a crack at it, or try and even get Google to help you (not sure who’s interest they would have at heart?). Or you could get it done right from the start by someone who has done it all before a hundred times.

SEO Friendly Website Development

Choosing a good web developer can be hard. They all charge different prices and will all tell you which system is better. This info is usually biased towards the service they provide though of course.

We can give you a few valuable tips about making a new website, and also list some web developers we feel comfortable recommending to our clients whenever they are editing or making a new website. They have all consulted with us to make sure their designs are as SEO friendly as possible.