SEO Friendly Web Designs And Our SEO Audits

If you are getting a new website and need help to make it SEO friendly from the start, then give us a call. We can help you avoid a costly, bad investment, on a website that just won’t rank well on Google.

There are many things to consider from an SEO standpoint, that can be make or break for your rankings. Many of these really must be implemented from day one on your site, or they will be costly, and just plain annoying to fix at a later date. So why not spend an hour with someone who knows what they are talking about here to help you make the either the right choice in web developer, or to help make sure your chosen web design guru sets your site up in way that Google will like.

Every web developer will say they make Google friendly websites. They plain have to, or else their clients will be out the door, faster than you can say ‘but they rank well on Yahoo.’ But it is not their job for their clients website to rank well on Google anyway, it just doesn’t work like that.

What is important is that your website has the back-end functionality that will let someone who understands SEO to make the ongoing changes to your site over a period of months, or perhaps indefinitely so that it will rank on Google positively. It is also important that there are no irreversible set up errors to parts of your website such as the url structure, code that is auto-generated or sections of a website template that can’t be accessed by you in the future.

Does that sound a bit confusing? Great. That is why we are offering this service. Because we can teach you how to understand this, and help you get the most of any site you build. Here is an example of the sort of checks we would make as part of a proactive SEO audit for our clients.

So if you would like us to provide SEO consulting or an SEO audit of your website before it goes live, then simply contact us today. We love saving people headaches with this service.