How To Create Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads or these days known as Product Listing Ads is Google’s paid shopping ad program where merchants can upload a product feed into a Google Merchant center and show their product image ads to potential buyers. For an instance if you search for “sennheiser headphones”  in Google, just to pick a random product, the ads with images on the right hand side that you see below are these google shopping ads. Product Listing Ad accounts can be set up within an existing AdWords account or in a new account if necessary.

Google product listing ads

How can google shopping ads help you ?

Google shopping can give you a competitive advantage by getting you more real estate on the first page of Google. this usually translates into a higher click through rate to your site directly to product pages. This can be a good way to be get your site on the first page of Google for the specific products you most want to sell. If you are price competitive, all the better as conversions can be quite high from a good Product Listing campaign.

At Rank First, we have few clients who are in competitive eCommerce industries and they usually get quite a good ROI using these product listing ads. The cost per click is not so high, and the conversion rate is good, because visitors already know the price. We offer this as part of more dedicated SEO strategies.

How to Setup Google Shopping ?

One of the negatives of Google Shopping ads is that you need to have an effective datafeed that creates a spreadsheet Google can understand and use to update their system automatically. If you need a step by step guide on how to set up google shopping ads we recommend this tutorial by CPC Strategy

And if you need assistance to get your google shopping ads up and running you can always reach us and we are happy to help.