A broken link on your website is like a chipped coffee cup. The coffee can be great, but you looking at it thinking, why didn’t they give me a cup without a chip in it? So maybe that is what Google thinks about your site with broken links.

Finding out if you have broken links is easy. You can just search for something like ‘broken link checker’ on Google, or Bing or any other search engine.

We have auditor software that does that for us but back in the day when we didn’t have that, we would normally use www.brokenlinkcheck.com

It is simple to use. You just go there and enter your website and it scans it for you and lists any broken link, what page it is on and what the anchor text is. Then you can hurry off and fix it :)

We also provide SEO Audits for clients that want to see how their website may be able to be improved from a Google point of view, including broken links that could be fixed, meta data issues, heading improvement possibilities, duplicate content scan, site navigation problems and more.