Rank Tracking Software

There are a lot of different programs you can use online to track how your website is ranking. At the moment we use two of them, Authority Labs and SEO Profiler. We are not saying these are the best, they just suit our needs and deliver the stats we want efficiently. For an SEO company like ours we have to pay for a license, because we track many domains and heaps of keywords, but if you just have one website, there are lots of free options too. Others we have used in the past include WEB CEO and RankTracker.

At the end of the day all of them are a third party software and over the years we have got used to the fact that they are not one hundred per cent accurate and that is fine. They provide a good guide.

They have a hard gig after all, having to work out what is a paid ad, what is Google Maps or + or whatever it is called this month. And as people see more localised results, this will continue to keep them all busy evolving their systems.

So if you have just one or two websites to track, we suggest just using a free one. If it goes haywire, you can always move on to the next one after all.

Warning : Checking your rankings can become a bit of an obsession for some people. Instead of trying to dissect every minuscule rise and fall in your rankings, spend the time just trying to make your website better. It is completely natural that your rankings will fluctuate and unless you have a proper downward trend happening, don’t stress about it too much.