In our opinion checking backlinks is not as important as it has been in years gone by. Links used to have a much bigger bearing on your rankings than it does at the moment. To be honest, it used to be the biggest ranking factor until that fun day, in I think April a few years ago when, kaboom (great Atari game) things changed.

Where To Check My Backlinks

The main reason people check their backlinks now is to make sure their website is not generating a poor link profile, or bad links from link farming websites. My favourite place to do this is at I am not saying it is better than anywhere else, but I am used to that site and it is pretty reliable. It also has a recent and historic view, that shows you fresher links or all of them.

Just to be clear, this post is about where to find links pointing to your website, not broken links on your site. That post is here.

Another good site for this is SEO Profiler. This site tries to rank links based on how relevant or effective they are. Now, people get caught up in believing this sort of data as being gospel, and I don’t like that, but to get ballpark estimates on link quality it is fine.

The main backlinks people go for these days are clean. These are links from real websites that have a purpose other than being there to sell links. These might include citation directories, such as Yellow Pages or True Local to name drop a few famous ones, but there are lots more. Real blogs are another source of good quality relevant links, but it takes skill and lots of time.

Another time to check backlinks is if you are buying an existing domain. Again, this is to check if the amount of poor quality links is going to damage the chance of ranking the site later on Google or not.

If you just want to have a look at your links, or your competitors though, try Majestic, or if you don’t like that one, give AHrefs a go. They are both old school sites that have stood the test of time.