While running a blog might sound like a bit of a drag for some people, there is no doubting that you will get more traffic to your website if you have one that you update on even a weekly basis.

The benefits of a blog are many, here are some of them

  • You get to act like an authority in your industry
  • It shows Google your website is alive and active
  • You can link from your blog to other websites that are useful to visitors
  • Demonstrate your business culture
  • Discuss the latest topics
  • Get found on Google for more keywords
  • Good place to answer FAQ’s in more depth

One problem some business owners have is coming up with topics to write about. So here are some ideas about what you can write about and where to find possible topics.

Where do I come up with blog post topics?

  1. As mentioned above, blog about frequently asked questions. To do this, you can pose the questions you often receive, and then write about the answer with an explanation. This is useful for clients, and is a good way to pick up targeted traffic.
  2. Search for the keywords you like to be found on Google for, and then click on the ‘news’ tab. This can reveal current topics that are making news style websites, and you can write about them too. If they are more specific to foreign countries, you can always apply them in a ‘what if’ way to Australia. (or wherever you are reading from)
  3. This is an old classic isn’t it…… Look at your competitors’ blogs and write about the same things.
  4. Post about the things that make you different in your industry. You can do this in a problem based way to. Like we could post about how getting into a twelve month contract for SEO might be risky and why we wouldn’t do that.
  5. Blog about recent work completed or clients helped. Maybe change their names.
  6. Blog about new products or services
  7. You can review products in a blog
  8. You can search for your industry based keywords with blog at the end to find relevant blogs from overseas.

If you still can’t find things to write about to keep your blog active and interesting, the we also have a blog content creation service that can do the hard work for you. This can be offered as part of any search engine optimisation package we provide to help get the best results for your website.