As far as we know, the only difference between one domain registrar and another is the price. So why not get a cheap one? Sure they might not have the same kind of service, but really, how often do you need to contact them. Remember this is the domain, not the hosting.

If you want a domain, then surely you have to use an Australian company. If you need a .com or other more general extension, then overseas sellers might be cheaper. GoDaddy is the most famous and I imagine the biggest in the world. I mean… they sponsor The Superbowl….

There are lots of people in the web industry that would resent me saying it, but Crazy Domains is hard to beat on price. And everything has always worked out fine (not so sure about their hosting). Net Registry is another option if for some reason you don’t like Crazy Domains. They used to have a cheaper brand, and you would get a free online marketing magazine… come on Net Registry, bring that back!!

We don’t like people to pay to much, so maybe avoid a certain IT company in Melbourne. If you buy your domain through your web developer, that’s fine too, but you will just be paying a lazy tax. Which makes sense cause they have to jump through the hoops to register it for you.

One important thing is that if your web development company registers your domain, make sure that it is in your name or business name. If you want to check who owns your domain or any other then check our post, how to find out who owns a domain name.

Registering a .com overseas can be fine, but you are dealing with huge American companies. They have excellent recurring billing systems that will never miss billing you, even when your credit card expires. They also send you loads of marketing material and can be harder to get support from.

Another Tip

Keep your username and password somewhere safe. It is a total pain when you do ever need to log in and change your DNS settings or something like that but don’t even know where it is registered.


That’s it. If you have any questions, or think we have missed a point or mislead our valued readers, then let us know. I realise we have only mentioned the big guys here, so if you know a smaller business that is worth mentioning, let us know that too!