Web Hosting Advice

Hosting your website is important for many reasons. Your hosting is a bit like the ground your website is built on. A big computer somewhere that your website actually sits on, and where people who visit your site are directed to see it.

If things go well, you don’t really need any service from your hosting company, but if things go sour, like if your site gets hacked, your email stops working or your site goes down for some reason, it is your hosting company who are often there to save the day. Or fix their own mistake.

Where should I host my website?

We refer people who ask us about hosting to a company called Panthur Web Hosting. One of the guys who works here had used them in the past, and thought they were good so we tried them out and have always been happy with their service and the speed of our sites. So are the clients we have referred to them.

You can get cheap hosting in America from the big guys like Host Gator or Go Daddy for cheap. If all you want is cheap that is fine. But do you know the saying about cheap, fast and good. Well you can only pick three. These big companies are generally not so fast in our experience. But heaps of people host with them.

Micron 21 is another Australian hosting company that are used by a lot of Australian websites. Many web developers are resellers for them, so you might have a site hosted there whether you know it or not.

You can pay anything for hosting from five bucks per month upwards, but for a standard business website, with no shopping cart, you shouldn’t be paying more than thirty per month I think.

Paying yearly is the most convenient way to host a website, and the same like domain names, we usually set them up without automatic rebilling. But if you just have one website then recurring billing will prevent down time if you miss your emails something like that.

Every hosting will have a cPanel for your site, where you can set up email accounts, auto-forwarders, access ftp accounts, and many other features. You will have remote access and the hosting company will send you a username and password. Don’t lose this one. Keep it safe. It is a pain when you don’t have it and then need it in the future, because it is something you don’t often need, until you need it urgently.

The speed of your website can contribute to your SEO rankings. If your website is fast, then it helps you rank better. If you check out a site like this ducted vacuum website, you will see what fast loading looks like.