Adding A Blog To Your Website

Google’s aim is to give their visitors the best results they can for the searches they make. Often, Google will consider new or fresh content to be more relevant than an old page about the same topic. This is one way a blog can help you be found higher on Google, as well as show your website visitors that you are engaged in your industry.

Another possible benefit of having a blog on your website, is that it allows you to target longer tail keywords to be found on Google for. These can be specific products, niche services or keyphrases that people are searching for, that you just know you will convert into sales successfully.

Good blogs can be used as a showcase for projects you have been involved in, highlight your point of difference and most importantly, show the visitor the culture of your business. A blog also adds passion to your website. You would not be bothered to add content to your website unless you were active and involved in your business right? It gives you are rare chance to be an authority within your industry, as you have control of the content that is shown there.

Many people shy away from having a blog on their website because they think they have to answer questions, or that competitors or dissatisfied clients can leave nasty remarks there. This is not the case and is a common misconception only.

Installing a blog can be a simple task on most websites, with WordPress obviously being the most popular due to its user friendly interface.

Many successful SEO campaigns involve some level of blogging, and it will only become more important in the future. Show Google your website is alive and organise your wordpress blog integration with us today.